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It’s Never Too Late!

I am a 60+year old pistol packin’ mama! I never thought in a million years that my life would take me on this fun and phenomenal journey! I was living in Central New York (Finger Lakes Region), where my husband and I deer hunted, pheasant hunted, and ran our hounds. Unfortunately, my husband passed away and my life changed forever. I stopped hunting, and with my son heading off soon to college, I just existed. New York “SAFE” laws dictated that I had to turn into the Sheriff’s Dept., any handguns that did not have my name on the registration, all within 10 days of my husband's death! Like his guns were on my mind! And what was even crazier, the rifles and shotguns were of no concern to them, just a .22 caliber revolver!

I had our FFL guy buy it and hold it for me to buy back, as I wanted it to go to my son when he became 21. I took the course to get my CCW, and 9 months later, New York finally issued my CCW! I decided to take more carry classes, where I met Sheila Brea. She handed me a Babes with Bullet’s Diamond Camp brochure, and after much thought, I took the leap! August 2018 in Darby, Montana was the beginning of not just a new chapter in my life, but an unbelievable journey of new skills, new locations, and the best part…meeting some of the most phenomenal women in the shooting sports, hunting, and archery world! Many of these women have become dear friends for life!

While at the Diamond Camp, I learned through Deb of her Charity event, known as “She Never Quit”, with only 2 spots left, I grabbed one of them! From that point, I’ve never looked back! I’ve gone all over the country, hunting and some competing and having the best time of my life! What I really am the most grateful for is, these ladies had no idea that they pulled me out of a funk and grief-stricken time, with their unselfish encouragement, gave me confidence with firearms, and I started back to the gym and trying to be more healthy! I am forever grateful!

I am anxious to let you all in on more of my wonderful journey that I have had the honor and joy to share with this fabulous group of ladies! Stay tuned!!


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