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2022 - 2023, Board of Directors

These dedicated ladies comprise our all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Deb Ferns

Deb Ferns


Deb is the co-founder of Babes with Bullets firearms academy program, started in 2004. She is also the founder of the Ladies Adventure Camp Experience, introducing women into hunting fields.  Deb is an active multigun competitor, teaches hatha yoga and works with a variety of animal rescues.


Erica Chin

Erica has over 20 years in law enforcement and is also a NROI Range Officer.  She is an active competitor in handgun and multigun competitions, including matches with her home shooting club, the Sons of Action Pistol. Erica is also our certified massage therapist for SNQ.


Jessica Adanich
Vice President

Jessica is an alumna of the Cleveland Institute of Art where she studied design and fine art. She spent six years of her career leading the design and marketing department of Mace Brand. Her passion for the self-defense and firearms industry inspired her to create her design agency, DesignPod Tactical, where she specializes in branding and marketing for the tactical industry.


Katie Riley

Katie's first shooting memories are of her dad teaching her safety and basic shooting. A severe car accident at age fifteen, left her with usable vision in one eye, eliminating most outdoor and sports activities. When she was starting her career, she realized her safety was her own responsibility. She became involved with the local chapter of The Well Armed Women.

Katie is all in! She has been the a Babes with Bullets and SNQ alum; Chapter Leader for TWAW; served on the Board of Atlanta Conservation Club; match director for her local IDPA club (Indy IDPA); was the first and only female IDPA match director in Indiana; and lead match director for the 2021 and 2022 Indiana State IDPA Championship.

Cindy Noyes

Cindy Noyes


Cindy is a GLOCK Professional representing the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation.  She is also a firearms instructor and active in sporting clays, handgun and multigun competition.  Cindy and her husband founded the South Atlanta Practical Shooting Club and it continues today.

WOMA 2020-88 - Copy.jpg

Jill Robinson

Jill began hunting when she met her husband, Dan Robinson. Besides deer hunting in New York, they were very invested in running their coonhounds, beagles & foxhounds. Jill has attended several Babes with Bullets shooting sports events and She Never Quit programs.  These experiences have increased her enthusiasm for shooting sports and hunting. She also does competition shooting and participated in her first 3-gun match recently. Jill is known for her patriotism, love of family, and being the life of the party! She is most proud to be a military mom!


Daphane Cassidy

Daphane Cassidy is an avid hunter, conservationist and shooting sports enthusiast.  Daphane works as a Digital Media Specialist for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. She has hunted and volunteered with the Safari Cares program in South Africa and represents the U.S. as one of the few American Young Opinion members of The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation.


Maggie Reese Voigt

Maggie Reese Voigt is a professional competition shooter and multi-time national champion.  In her off-season Maggie enjoys providing firearms instruction to woman and new shooters.  When she’s not on the range, you can catch Maggie on the hunt for new hiking trails with her dog Penny.

Breanna Garvey.png

Breanna Garvey

Breanna is an avid shooter who participates in USPSA matches at her local range. She also enjoys hunting for whitetail in the fall. Whether she is on the lake, hiking, or riding horses you can always find Breanna enjoying the outdoors!

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