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Confessions of SHOT Show Virgin

Avoiding the SHOT Show “Itus” like the Plague

Throughout the years I have followed SHOT show’s progress through

articles, blogs, and social media posts. Each offers a distinct view into the

vastness of the gathering. I noticed a common thread among the various

expositions: The SHOT Show “Itus”. There is a flu like case of yucky that

strikes down attendees with alarming regularity. Like any other cluster, the

Itus strikes at will without regard to petty things like gender or age. Equally

fascinating are the tricks that veteran SHOT Show attendees use to ward

off the Itus.

Shirley Watrel, author of the upcoming Heels to Holsters, says a good

night’s rest and hydration is key to fighting the Itus. She also takes Oil of

Oregano and 1,000 mg of elderberry to bolster those immunities. The

fabulous Marsha Petrie Sue takes an Emergenc-C packet plus two

Echincea Goldenseal supplements every morning. Jenn Jacques from

Crossbreed Holsters starts taking Airborne ten days before flying to

strengthen her immune system plus taking a Multivitamin by Naturelo. At

the show, she takes EmergenC and “drinks TONS of Smart Water”.

Elizabeth Lee of Armscor International recommended a Lypo-Spheric

Vitamin C supplement (LivOn Labs). This smart gel contains 1,000 mg of

Vitamin C. Elizabeth passed on a sample as well.

Dr. LateBloomer has the most to say in terms of avoiding the Itus. She

recommended plenty of rest and hydration as well. She advocates hand

washing often and avoiding touching your face. Germs can’t migrate

(gross). Taking a step further, Dr. LateBloomer advises not touching

escalator handrails and doorknobs (using a sleeve or a towel) and using a

knuckle on your dominant hand to press elevator buttons. After attending

Seven SHOT shows she hasn’t “gotten the crud with those precautions,”.

A woman after my own heart!

The relentless Lanny Barnes shared her best practices based on Two

decades of International travel. She too advises hand washing and plenty

of rest as well light exercise to keep her metabolism going. Lanny says she

also eats healthy, cuts back on processed sugar, and takes a Multivitamin

by Shaklee.

I prepped for SHOT Show by juicing and drinking a case of Honeybell

Oranges (think Kramer and his passion for Mackinaw Peaches). I also

wiped down the hotel room with a hospital grade anti-bacterial wipes, and I

am a dedicated hand washer. I managed to get through my first SHOT

Show Itus free.

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