Coffee Culture at SHOT Show

Coffee at SHOT Show… Las Vegas has every possible source of ingestible

fuel known to man available 24 hours a day. I should know I worked in

kitchens on the strip. After 6 grueling days of meetings, walking, visiting

sponsors, walking, and more walking I can confirm there is a river of

delicious hot black nectar which fuels the SHOT attendees. Coffee.

Yes, coffee. I wouldn’t joke about coffee. Ever.

Operator Coffee set up shop at the Anteris Alliance Try and Buy. Sara

Betzold brewed pots of some of my all-time fav roasts (Pillar of Patriots &

Bore Cleaner) to fight the chill. Dave Ramsey of Carl’s Donuts & his lovely

wife provided stacks and stacks of free donuts and muffins to all. When

the line for delicious Operator brew got too long the wonderful women of

the Pro Gun Club had pots of free coffee on hand as well. In my mind, I

figured I should gas up….

Who knows how long this would last? It was after all only day one of six.

Would I be stuck with pricey, burnt tasting Starbucks? Needs must I


Day 2 dawned while Deb and I were en route to Industry day at the range.

Long lines, old friends, new friends, and a bit chilly to be honest. Once I

got checked in, credentials firmly ensconced around my neck, the WOMA

crew and I headed in. A bespeckled gentlemen in a blue felt fedora

handed us all cards for free coffee.

Cards. For. Free. Coffee. You read that correctly.